Oct 26, 2009

Recent Cinema i watched...

You know, cinema is, in some context, a way of learning, & improvising upon the art of living. It can enhance & impoverish you of your personal beliefs, emotions, & concepts, several times in swift movements. It has to capability to change, or atleast impact, the world (owing to the large foolish viewership of course).

Note: forget all that shit written above. basically i'm trying to endorse a better picture of myself, cause i've been watching a lot of them lately.

The Man from Earth (IMDB Ratings: 8.1/10)
Genre: Drama/Sci-fi
Personal Reviews: don't go by the ratings. i now hate these one-room kinda movies. an overdose of history & cooked up imagined sci-fi. if you are hell bent to roast your brain on a grill, i won't drag you back.

Children of Men (IMDB Ratings: 8.1/10)
Genre: Action/Sci-fi
Personal Reviews: This movie generated in me a deep respect for Clive Owen. Concept is somewhat weird. I mean you'd not really expect a sci-fi to portray absolute impotency of human race with just 1 pregnant woman left. Still, the flick displays enigmatic portrayal of human emotions. To me - This is infact the first movie tagged as sci-fi which doesn't seem to be like one.

Dil Bole Hadippa (IMDB Ratings: 4.7/10)
Genre: Bullshit bollywood/Cricket
Personal Reviews: Just to clarify (before you start nagging me), i went ahead with this one after the recommendations from my better half :) So, if it's bollywood, it's bullshit. But, there is some tolerable comedy to look at. Dispensable songs. Watch at your risk (& better skip the last funda speech on under-privileged women in entirety)
PS: did you know IMDB rates even bollywood ?

Man on Fire (IMDB Ratings: 7.7/10)
Genre: Drama/Action
Personal Reviews: Woof. Startling bearded look, & a hell lot of atttiude. "What are you gonna do?- What I do best. I'm gonna kill 'em. Anyone that was involved. Anybody who profited from it. Anybody who opens their eyes at me." I love this man. Denzel Washington is a third god to me (trailing Morgan freeman & Al Pacino). Nice action is an decent backdrop. Not "the best", but a pretty decent one.

Inside Man (IMDB Ratings: 7.7/10)
Genre: Crime/Drama
Personal Reviews: Good lord. the movie starts with "chal chaiyyan chaiyaan" being played in the backdrop of a rolling Chevrolet, & ends with the same. I'm not sure if they stole it or pursued rights (i was literally confused if the song is actually being played in the movie). Clive Owen is a cool negative shade, & Denzel Washington as a modest cop. An age old concept in a well cooked up hostage scenario. Nothing new to display really.

Kaminey (IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10)
Genre: Bullshit bollywood/Comedy
Personal Reviews: Well, another one at a dozen behests of my gal. I gave in eventually. Comedy is enjoyable, whenever it appears. & I'll never ever forget "apna haath jagannath" written on the toilet door (where the hell does Vishal Bhardwaj gets all this stuff leaked out from !!)

District 9 (IMDB Ratings: 8.4/10)
Genre: Sci-fi/Action
Personal Reviews: I assumed the alien era was long gone. & suddenly this bull shit movie rocks the charts. the film opened at $37million in US & stayed #1 on the charts for quite a while. I don't give a damn, to be true. Nevertheless, the central character is laudable. His plight is extremely well displayed. Damn those foolish looking prawn aliens.

PS: the recurrent occurrence of "man/men" in the movie titles in the list above is merely coincidental (i'm myself amazed)
PPS: i didn't lie above the feminine influence above. I was emotionally compelled to heed for bollywood flicks :)
PPPS: i prefer watching them online, saves time & bandwidth. & i recommend this site for hollywood, & this site for bollywood flicks.

Sep 4, 2009


When i come across a wasted guitar, i feel pinched. Outraged.
When i come across a bunch of guys jostling with a football, i feel hurt, somewhere, deep within.

You know, there's a damned band called Tatva in our company. They declare open their auditions with a certain set of shitty songs. They practice well though. But by just a glance at the list of songs they demand the competitors to perform, my brain gets sucked out. Bunch of shitheads are gonna judge someone on how well he sings "Sweet Child o' mine". Hah !! & bullshit bollywood beats like 'Beete lamhe', & likes. So i never appeared before those OVER-talented folks, though i miss the brotherhood of a band.

Just came across a song. Was tryin' to picture it's meaning. It contains pain, melody, truth, love. The very essence of each & every thread that would compose a perfect song. Now maybe you won't appreciate it that much. People have choices you see. But then, none would pick the moon to fall in the ugly category. Some things are facts. & facts, are undeniable.

I don't feel good right now. I miss music. I miss my band. I miss my guitar, although it's placed barely 6 feet off my bed. I miss some people suddenly. I miss old days. & i'm sad that i'm just another football fan. I wish i could play. Hit it hard. Play it beautifully. Both on the field, & on stage. Dreams, probably foolish ones. But we all make picks. I'm seasoned enough, i believe, to tread back.

Don't get me by my words. I'm happy. Just trying to make up for a few missing pieces. Pieces you see... I shall offer 2 advices here.

1) Get it while the going is good !!
2) do listen to this song.
(I'm thankful to a friend who introduced my eardrums to this amazing band named Porcupine Tree way back)

I'd assume you are bright enough to google for the lyrics if you intend to seek them.
I shall leave you with a sniplet.

When I hear the engine pass, I'm kissing you wide...
The hissing subsides, I'm in luck...

Always the summers are slipping away...
Find me a way for making it stay...

Aug 24, 2009

Helmet, and life...

I've been feeling a little accidentalish lately. To frame it in a better way (so that some stupid craphead doesn't come up with Half-Empty:Half-Full shit), I've been cherishing the gift of life more fondly lately. Hence, i gifted myself a Helmet. & boy 'o' boy, what a hellish ride it has been today.

I never wore a helmet even when it was made mandatory by the Traffic Police in my hometown. I fooled them one way or the other. But when i finally came down to terms of my love for my own life, i bought a beautiful black metallic cover, priced at Rs. 945/-, & i must tell you, this is the first day of my 24 years of ripe life that i wore a helmet for the entire duration i rode. & i swear to life, this was the toughest day of my life at wheels.

Hell man !! This was sicker than my first day. I fondly remember than railway ground, where i rode my Dad's Royal EnField, with my old man on the pillion seat. He gave me several major/minor instructions, & i was certified a sound-driver in no more than a couple of days. I remember that day, & I'll equally remember this. When i could not judge the distance between my bike & the one next to me. Blocked side-views, severely reduced hearing ability, uncomfortable breathing, & the continuous realization of the presence of a big black box on top of my head.

This was the first day i devoted attention to anyone & everyone wearing a helmet (just to ascertain as to whether they are feeling the same anxiety as my poor soul). This was the first day i felt utterly cautious with my balance on wheels (cause i had no idea if I'd bang into a vehicle next to me sideways). This was the first day i had to ponder as to what could be more dangerous - wearing a helmet, or not wearing a helmet :)

Well, it's not only about the helmet is it ? We always witness our parents/elders citing known prevalence of dominance of experience over youthful spirits. We don't do necessary things just on the pretext of living life. But then, age brings in maturity & then you tend to take care of the outer covering of your bones (for example, i just bought a Himalaya Face wash :)). Maybe i ain't seasoned enough to pronounce suggestions on how one should live his life. All is know is that i gotta live longer, love longer.

I have roads to walk, walls to climb...
People to love, souls to bind...
Suddenly the notion of life seems found...
Dreams of glory in my skull helmet bound...

Aug 9, 2009

Swine waala flu...

Humanity is close to it's end guys. It's astounding how quickly Pune got it's grip. Half of the city is already sporting face masks. Differnet colors, shapes, textures.

Compelled by the scenario around, & forced by the love of their parents towards their only son, i finally bought a mask today. I was amazed to witness that every single person in that chemist's shop intended to buy a mask, if not already possessing one. All the attendants in the shop were themselves hiding their spout & nose with the green thingy. A man, next to me, asked for a free mask. Shopkeeper told him that free goodies could be avalied only from the Government hospitals. "yahan to paise deke hi milega". & the man walked off the door with a hankerchief covering his mouth. Guy at the counter enquired me as to whether i wanted a normal one. I wondered how many variaties did they have. He showed me a specialized N95 mask (i believe they just borrowed the name from the popular Nokia model). Sparkling white, made of plastic, with a beautiful looking net for breathing. Priced at just Rs. 200/-. I told him swiftly, "normal waala hi de de bhai". & so i bought a Rs. 10/- green coloured mask, made of some cheap cloth. A man standing next to me had a big smile on his face, & said to me, "10 din hi to pehenna hai". I nodded & paid the sum. "Oh wait", i said, keeping myself from handing him the money. "What's this ?" i asked, pointing my index finger to a small pink colored box. He handed it over to me. It was a pack of Wet-Tissues, for wiping off hands & face frequently. I bought that as well (wasn't costly either). We receive several mails from our employer daily suggesting frequent use of those tissues, a quick substitute for washing hands.

a little boy riding a huge camel just walked past my window. Even he was sporting the same green mask.
Most people use them, or the expensive kind, or they just tie a piece of cloth around their mouths. Everyone wants to live. More than that, they fear Death.

We went to a little shop today. I asked him as to why isn't he wearing a mask. He said that he has been warned by his wife to buy one today itself, less he won't be served meals. "Aaj to kharid hi lunga sir pakka". [ Smiles ]

As i crossed past the handicapped uncle in our society freely riding his 3-wheeler cycle, i asked him as to whether he isn't motivated to promote the widely used preventive against the killer flu. He waved his hand in reluctance & said, "come what may. if i'm to die like this, lets face it". A brave reply. (Seems rather foolish to me)

Whether you're brave enough to deny the persistence of the virus around you or not, whether you follow the masses just for the time being to buy a mask for yourself or not, the fact is that all the malls, usually busy streets, all tiny roads, are nearly deserved on this pleasant Sunday. 4 down by far. Some 700 suffering. Manmohan Singh sitting with a committe to analyse the situation. WHO issuing warnings persistently. People hoarding up to buy masks vigorously. News channels covering the sequence ferociously. Rumors of infected people in next office, next building, next apartment quite frequent. Parents advicing their children, living close to the prone cities, with whatsoever information they possess. People uncertain about the cure, if any, available. Pandemics brings humans to a real close. They tend to cuddle when struck by something really terrifying.

My poor worried mother asked me to take a leave immediately & come back home for as long as it lasts. All i could do is tell her that this is simply not possible.

We fear death. Let's face it !!

Aug 3, 2009

Some auspicious days

I can't recall since how many years have i been acquainted to the culture of Mother's Days, Father's days, Friendship's days & the likes. Can't be much for sure. But then, we always find hardliners even amongst us - ones who are ardent supporters to the cause of these occasions, & the other more substantial half - challenging the relevance of such auspicious days to our great fanatical Indian culture.

Now, to which genre i belong hardly matters. It's not about the "I" word.

This was one of the most celebrated Friendship's day of my life. Two friends from Mumbai came along just for the occasion (they were probably looking for just a well deserved break from their daily schedule).

A third friend (too zealous for all this stuff) brought along a splendid 1 pound of heavenly mouth-watering Black-Forest cake just for the moment when the clock strikes 12.

Some beer clashed (pretty much normal for a get together like these). When i woke up in the morning, i already had a bunch of unread msgs on ma cell phone wishing the same. I even went a step further by wishing Friendship's day to our newspaper delivery guy. Then we did hit streets for sure. Witnessed extraordinary crowd at every single place. Seems like people really crave for such days.

Makes little sense to me. But then, it's fine, isn't it ? People are happy. Have a reason to celebrate. A chance to call up friends, maybe wish them up on msgs/social communities. an excuse for outings. How could it be bad ? how can it degrade a culture however vivid/small it is ? Let people do whatever they want to. It's fine !!

Aug 2, 2009


Act I Scene I

[ At the apartment. Me lying still on the bean bag, sipping on my cup of tea ]
Enters a friend, frustrated.

Friend: yaar tujhse subah se keh raha hun kahin chal le. main ghar mein pada pada bore ho gaya hun
Me: ruk main tere liye bhi chai banata hun. tab tak tu TV dekh.
Friend: nahin yaar. mujhe chai nahin peeni.
Me: abe to coffee pi le. beer pi le. paani pi le. P**** mat pi.
Friend: mujhe bahar jaana hai. mast mausam bhi ho raha hai.
Me: koi kaam ho to chalenge. warna I'm OUT !!
Friend: mujhe jeans leni hai, khoob saari. ab to chal.
Me: chal bhai.

Act II Scene I

[ A big mall, at the men's casualwear section ]

Friend: yaar Levi's leni thi. kuch saala pasand hi nahin aa raha.
Me: to Pepe try kar le.
Friend: nahin yaar. i hate Pepe.
Me: Flying Machine ?
Friend: aur koi brand nahin hoti kya jeans ki ?
Me: How about Lee ?

Act II Scene II

[ surfing through the Lee stock ]

Friend: yaar yahan bhi kuch nahin hai. i'm irritated now.
Me (to Lee attendant): dost is bande ko khoob saari jeans leni hain. aur kuch pasand nahin aa raha. please ise kuch pasand karwa do yaar. bhagwaan aapka bhala karega.
[ Attendant throws out one after the another, all good ones. ]
Friend: i've picked these 3. trail karke aata hun.

Act II Scene III

[ at the billing counter ]

Friend: maal jeans mil gayin yaar.
Me: how much did they cost.
Friend: buy 2 get 1. 3800 ki 3 padin.
Me: wow !!
Friend: yaar pata hai 1 jeans to gajab fitting ki hai yaar. matlab itni low waist hai ki zip pe puri band nahin hoti.
Me (a little surprised): really ? anyways.

Act III Scene I

[ back to apartment after the shopping spree. Me busy with my lapop ]
[ Suddenly a cry, as in howling or something ]

Friend: yaar. gajab ho gaya yaar. gajab ho gaya.
Me: abe kya ho gaya b*****ke ?
Friend: yaar 1 jeans ladkiyon ki aa gayi.
Me: kaise pata ?
Friend: yaar bill mein likha hai dekh.
[ i verify - it was true ]
Friend: ruk main pehen ke dikhata hun. tu bata theek lag rahi hai na.
[ he wears, tugs up that tiny zip (then we realised the secret of small zip ]
Friend: kaisa lag raha hun yaar main ? (with a deep expectance on his face)
Me: abe mast lag raha hai. tension mat le.
Friend: abe tension kaise na lun. ladkiyon ki jeans hai.
Me: to kisi bandi ko gift karde.
Friend: abe 34 waist ki bandi kahan se dhoondh ke laun !!

Me (after a little inspection): by the way, 2 out of your 3 jeans are meant for gals :)
Friend: ye baat hum dono ke alawa kisi ko pata nahin chalni chahiye.
Me: oh be assured from my side !! i'm a true friend.

PS: & hence this blog !!

Jul 4, 2009

Kids no more...

This marks the end of an era. The long leisurely walk through the lush green pathway is suddenly, and gradually, over. Gradual, by biotic nature of life; Sudden, by human nature to deny any unfavorable change. But mystifying words with interpretations won't really help - it's gone. & most changes are irreversible.

I choose my words cautiously (though i ain't a politician), because it's a complex phenomenon. It's not something as glorified as puberty, or as fascinating as teenage - it's the death of something as simple as childhood - & I'm suddenly faced with the fact that I'm an Adult now. More importantly, I'm a kid no more.

I was crowned with Excellent performance award in a substantially sized flock at my place of work. Something to cheer about after a lull in college life. That was only yesterday, & unexpected for an eleven-month experienced employee, still yearning to learn, to excel. A heavy envelope with a good amount of monetary award along with a certificate brought smile, & an equal amount of fear - I'm a pro now.

I don't know how convincing that might sound. I'm not an escapist for sure. & I swear by God I'm not the most talented but one of the most hard working man - as certified by my bathroom mirror. But then I'm not sure if i wanted to handle so many responsibilities - so soon.

Lately, I've been filing tax for the last fiscal year, making plans for investment for the current fiscal year, planning on when to buy a laptop for myself, clearing off my credit card/cell phone bills, getting my bike registered with Maharashtra's number, visiting doctor quite frequently in recent to get rid of feverish feelings, planning to take some time out for gym out of my packed schedule, struggling with insomnia at times, & many more parallel thoughts. All this apart from the fact that I'm working roughly 12-13 hours a day, 5 days/week, often skipping lunch, & quite frequently spoiling weekends as well owing to on-call/weekend supports. I have no time to pick calls from even parents/girlfriend, forget friends. I have a PS2 at home but barely have time to touch it. That's just an outline.

It's fine though. Nothing's a problem. Sometimes you're heavily loaded, sometimes you're not. I feel proud to be efficient in work, & systematic in lifestyle. But then, suddenly this award came, & I'm confronted with a sullen reality.

I have none to take care of my tired soul. I have none to serve me tea/food. I have none to massage my head with oil or my back with moov as need be. No misgivings, no pampering, no more copying assignments, no more excuses of ignorance on mistakes at work, no, nothing. After 24 years of wandering in this wide world, i realize I'm more of an adult now - & certainly not a kid.

For the very first time in my life, i miss being a child.
For the first time in my life, i feel that I'm held responsible by the air i breathe.
I'm an adult now !!

Teachers back in school taught that it's good to end a piece of writing with a quote...
Damn i suddenly miss school now...

Mujhko yakeen hai, sach kehti theen, jo bhi ammi kehti theen...
Jab mere bachpan ke din the, chaand mein pariyan rehti theen...
Mujhko yakeen hai, sach kehti theen, jo bhi ammi kehti theen...

Jun 28, 2009

I Ain't a Male Chauvinist !!

Off late, i've been reminded at aplenty instances that i should logically be struggling for job switches, yearning for higher packages, splendid Pay-Commission tagged Govt. jobs, & even an MBA.

Reason - My gal just went to pursue her MBA. & 2 years later, when i'd be sailing with a reasonable package for an IT sectarian, she'd be out there stuffing her pockets with INR or American dollars, apparently twice as much as i would then - thanks to the prestigious IIM tag.

Just a few social Shakespeare's to quote:
Poor Me (over the phone): It'll be fine.
My mom (who is clearly aware of my marital choice) : life is not at pleasant as it seems. she'd be a postgraduate earning more than you. & you be just an engineer. Why don't you give MBA a thought ?

Poorer Me (a little drunk): It's fine with me.
College Senior (drunk 20 times over): No it's not fine. We men are all the same. It's love that blinds you now. When she has to pay for your cup of tea, it would be unbearable. So what's your plans ? If not MBA, try for some overseas opportunities to make up with her.

Frustrated Me (sipping on a cup of coffee): It's fine.
Colleague (smoking a cigarette from my pack): i know it's fine. & it should be fine if it's a love marriage. Now i'm clearly going for an arranged show, & i've directed my parently clearly that the gal should be atleast 2 years younger than me so that there always remains the desired disparity.

Wow !! i mean, wow !! i can't really believe it's the 21st century & stuff (i often get confused whether it's 20th or 21st). It's tough to believe most people couldn't still break off that sick shell of mentality that's eating away their genuineness. Anyways, i firmly believe that i'm not capable enough to change someone's mentality. Please be content with whatever your thought process is. & i'm sure i won't dwindle :)

I remember telling her once softly, "I'd still pay for all the things then, like i do today". & she replied with a sweet "Of Course". You may still call it chavinism. But that's how it goes, & i have no intentions to explain myself.

By the way, i'm multidimensional (an adjective bestowed upon me by my class teacher while speaking with my parents in a parents-teacher meeting)

1) I can cook well.
2) I can take care of kids.
3) I'll take care of groceries.
4) I will try to be home back on time & offer her a cup of tea when she's in (Managers tend to be very occupied).
5) not to mention, i'm the best tea maker in the world.

Peeping back in time, I assume i've played all shades decently enough (except the engineering part). I'm just gearing up for an another showmanship - a working housewife - or houseman - whatever !! :)

Apr 27, 2009

A useless pair of shoes !!

Hey. I see aplenty news on shoes these days. After a little jiffy of thoughtful but incomprehensible days, I can't desist from the temptation of penning the Shoe-fling-thing down; fire being rekindled by today's news clip - subject being our Honorable PM himself.

As i was packing my bags to set back to my shoe-hurling country, i realized that my worn-out pair might just cause some extra bit of trouble with the 20-kg luggage limit. I was just wondering where would i find some poor needy guy around a developed flourishing nation, when i came across the story. & viola - i have a remedy for my not-so-big a problem.

If some ignorant mind is still unaware, we (Indians) are undergoing a kick-a** democratic fiesta these days. & in the process, we've hurled shoes at our Home Minister, one sitting Member of Parliament, a leader of the opposition aspiring to be a prime minister, an accomplished actor campaigning for his politician-friend, & lastly & most-recently, at our very own Prime Minister. Sounds like a pretty decent guest list we have onboard.

Okay. That seems promising. Even with the sinking economies, we are proving what great role India has to play at the global level. Americans had it just once, & like everything in western culture, we quickly picked up this too. 5 is the count today, & i'm sure with our will & talent, we can keep it coming.

A few points:

1) In the PM's case, it happened to be a computer engineering student (so clearly publicised by the media) - well i know engineers are crazy. it's nothing  to do with the enlightenment of educated indians, believe me. It's exam time, how come he had enough time to attend a rally ?
2) What kind of shoes are being hurled. Are they worn, & wanna-be dispensed ? do people walk bare-footed after they take the aim or they have another pair in their bags ? (i wonder)
3) None have hit the target, yet. We are a cricket crazy nation (except for the fact that we can't afford to host our own tournament). God !! gimme a break. I agree it might seem a single stump as if from the covers. But you gotta blow them off guys. Buck up.
4) i wonder how my dad might feel. He's a policeman & it's his responsibility to make sure no mishap occurs when a politicain waves a rally. & then, if some lazy craphead missed his target by a few yards, it might land onto my poor old fella.

I was wondering if i could find a guy desperate to hurl. My useless pair would cherish their salvation !!

Apr 12, 2009

Book Review: Still Alice by Lisa Genova

The most recent novel i read is Still Alice. i got to know of it's fame from the New York Times, where it was highly praised & rated. ordered it at a book store & hit the pages right away.

Best part about fiction is that it pulls you into it, it makes you believe you are living it, rather than just reading it.

Alice, a professor at Harwards and highly successful on professional front, is diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. & that's the central theme of the plot that revolves around Alice and people around her. Depicts, in a remarkable way, the impact Alzheimer's leaves on the sufferer & people around her. Alice is brave, with spectacular, sharply defined attributes, & so are the members of her family. I was shaken by the story. & still, as i knew there was no hope for Alice, i wished she remained as brave as she had always been. i could empathize with Alice. I felt like living a hellish life like her while i was passing through the pages with a heavy heart.

I won't desist to say that i hate John, Alice's husband. I hate him. I pray i never happen to wear his shoes, but i'd never have done things he chose to do. But i know it's tough - i've had some experience with that. Depression made me behave somewhat like Alice years ago. i know it's tough for others.

Love is the theme of life. Love is the only fragrance we actually know. Alice is no different. I was amazed how beautifully Lisa strung the melodies of love amidst cruel realities of life. I was skeptical about the climax, because story was gradually developing into a heartbreakingly sad mist. but i couldn't have dreamt of a better one. I was shattered, but smiling after i read the last few lines, & closed the book. i kept smiling for a while, & reflected what love means to me.

Book contains educative and brief terminology of medications involved here & there, but that ain't out-of-the-world. That never made me feel i'm reading some journal on medicine. If a disease is the theme, those gotta be there.

Personally, i believe it wasn't just about Alzheimer's. It was more about life. More about fear, loneliness, & a few other negative attributes of life. But mostly, it was about love !!

I'd strongly suggest this book to anyone & everyone who loves to read about life, who loves fiction, who wants to delve into not-to-discussed & heartbreaking nuances of life, & who respects life, in all it's wrath. I'm really proud to posses a copy of the same. & i feel good about the fact that i've read a very good book.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
Winner of 2008 Bronte Prize
Simon & Schuster/ 320 pages
Price: Rs. 640/$10.20/€9.50

Apr 5, 2009

Language of love !!

We have weekly status meetings on friday here in office. I remember right before the first meeting i was attending, my manager, who happens to sit right behind me, uttered with a wicked smile on his face, "CHALO". I was heavily engrossed in work, but i was lured to turn back to him, because that hindi word came from an Israeli mouth, who knew precisely when to speak it.

Startled, i asked him, "what did you just say ?". With a big pride and smile on his face, he repeated "Chalo !!". & i've been hearing this word on almost all fridays since then. He had learnt one hindi word, by-heart, & he remembers exactly when to throw it. It brings smiles on all Indian faces around.

We are a bunch of Indians here, many Israelis, & a few local Finnish guys. So it's a mixed breeding of several cultures. & it's fun.

Yesterday, Daniel, another guy from an application team came up to discuss a few things with us. But we were all busy, & heavily loaded. So he went to another Indian guy, & asked him, "How do you say this in hindi - i'm very busy today". He got his answer, recited it a few times, memorized it within a minute, & then came back to us - "Aaj bohot kaam hai ?" & we all burst into laughters. He wasn't sure whether he was pronouncing it the proper way, but he knew we already understood. We told him, "Haan, aaj bohot kaam hai". All smiles !!

I myself tried a couple of words/phrases, but i can't hold it long enough. It goes off after a couple of times (Apart from the fact that i still remember the maddu work Entraa, & a few more). It's not about learning a new language, it's not about self-improvement. That's simply enjoying life. Trying to communite to others in their language. The universal language. The reason why i could bear Spanish songs without understanding them at all (I've actually started to enjoy Finnish rock songs as well). It's the language of love.

One fine day, my manager had a strong urge to learn counting in Hindi. So a friend of ours searched youtube for a song, & told him "This song will teach you counting till 13". & there it began. He asked, "who's she ?". We replied, she's the bollywood hearthrob Madhuri dixit, dancing on a hit number ek-do-teen. He said "Leave the counting. I'm liking the dance. We are all dirty men after all"

I'm happy i've such people around me. & it makes little sense to me why & how people go fighting over caste, creed, religion, nationality.

As Luc de Clapiers, marquis de Vauvenargues aptly said,
Great men, like nature, use simple language...

All people smile in the same language, isn't it !!

Mar 30, 2009

Daylight saving time

A couple of days back, my manager was talking to a colleague of mine, discussing the need to change timings at which the servers are bounced every single day. I could hear words like 'Clock advancing', 'DST', and 'Last Sunday of March'. But i was too occupied with my task, & simply ignored.

Now today, i noticed that my Laptop read 11.30 am, though my Alarm clock read 10.30 am. I checked my cell phone to cross check from a third reference & it acknowledged that the former is correct. I thought my Alarm clock might have drunk a bit over, until i recalled my manager words.

Hence i Googled, & realized something's special about the morning. DST has just been implemented. With a hazy look on my face, i advanced my clock by an hour to synchronize everything.

Laptop clock was proper because it has Automatically adjust feature. Cell phone was correct because it has the similar settings as well.

Damn !! DST just stole an hour from my life (I'm still confused whether it added one to the lot, or took it away). I remember mugging this up in Geography as a kid. But then, we don't really believe those things we read right ? Ofcourse, until we see it for ourselves. I told my gal about the fact that we can talk an hour longer now, she was like crazy over the fact. Obviously it's hard to digest.

Wikipedia says it has a lot of benefits, one of them's that evening's are longer. As to me, a man who prefers keeping his room dark even in broad daylight, it's a crappy curse. This picture is taken at 8pm today.

Another page gives the formulae used to calculate the beginning/end of European Summer Time:

Sunday (31 − (5y ÷ 4 + 4) mod 7) March at 01:00 GMT
Sunday (31 − (5y ÷ 4 + 1) mod 7) October at 01:00 GMT

What the hell. How wonderfully complicated !! Couldn't they keep it a little simple ?

Guys here told me that by the time i leave this place, i.e. the end of April, sun will rise at 5 in the morning, & go down by 9.30 pm. It's impossible to imagine how bizarre life can be...

My schedule leaves me no time for early morning jogs.
I guess i can go jogging now after dinner !! hehe...

Mar 28, 2009

10 things to do before i die

I'm those kind of suckers who maintain a to-do list all the time - to-do in my pocket diary, to-do notes stuck on my office PC, even a to-do widget on my iGoogle page. Easy going guys would say that sucks, but that's how it is for me. Now dying is not a pleasant notion, but it's the truth of course. Gotta accomplish a few things while i'm still breathing.

I'm not the first intellectual to pen this down. Google throws some 30.5 billion search results on the aspect. Loads of blogs, BBC, even dedicated sites working on the same. You could see aspirations ranging from diving with dolphins, sharks to skydiving. Adventure, grandchildren, & loads of emotional/crazy things.

To list a few
100 things to do before you die
50 Things to Do Before You Die
10 Most Incredible Things to Do Before You Die
BBC TV's 50 Things To Do Before You Die

Now i ain't dying. I ain't a character from DasVidaniya either. I'll consume this planet's oxygen for another half a century, & will be 18 till i die !! But, you gotta do what you gotta do !!

To-Do before i die...

1) Be a good lead guitarist: Rhythm ain't enough. I promised someone to cover Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb for him someday.
2) Learn how to swim.
3) Work for a part of my professional career with Google.
4) Attend a big rock concert, spending a huge amount on the tickets.
5) Punch someone, right in the face: damn, I'm 24 & i haven't had a good one. i gotta do this. Gotta see how is it to have a fight.
6) Stage a band performance, at least once: Not just any band. I know Music isn't going to be our profession. I want my crew, the raw like a stone voice, that insane bassist, & the world's best Drummer. None else. & the first track's gonna be Say Anything. i won't lie, but I've had dreams on this one.
7) Pen a sound article in a leading newspaper.
8) See Angelina Jolie once, for real.
9) Write a fiction novel, on life, & it's glory.
10) Spend an year in my 50s farming on steps, spending every evening watching sunsets, & living in a sweet little cottage on countryside, with the love of my life (I'm glad even she likes the idea )

I'm sure it's gonna grow with time, like love.
But i hope i'd strike out a few soon !! Clocks ticking...

Mar 21, 2009

Gen Musharraf in India Today Conclave 2009

They've been setting traditions, really. It's really applaudable to witness such scintillating initiatives knocking literally on every aspect of what effects us. India Today Conclave 2009 was a grand phenomenon again. Takes a toll on a few every year. This time over, it was General Musharraf at the receiving end, atleast for a while.

I don't really have anything against him. I respect him for the fact that he managed so swiftly a crumbling democracy for over eight years, keeping good friends with US & a fairly walk-through relationship with it's largest neighbor, that he still commands respect from a large cult. But for the fact that he's big-mouthed (his childhood habit i guess).

It was high time, and a spectacular Muslim,a loyal Indian, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, & a Rajya Sabha member, Maulana Mahmood Madani couldn't take any more of his hateful words. & then followed what's termed as Stupendous !!

Please have a look...

Just, apt, & a sound bastian against intolerable provacation.
(Musharraf's retaliation was rather childish i suppose)

Personally, i've not had any close Muslim friends (that was just a flow of events), but i'd like to make a hand-shake with Madani Sahab, & tell him "Yes Sir, i'm one of those 70% Indians !!"

Hails !!
Our country, our society, the humanity needs Men of Honor like these !!

Full coverage of General Musharraf at India Today Conclave 2009

Mar 19, 2009

Recession : to me !!

Much have been said & written on recession. Seems to be the most talked-about subject the people of my age would have witnessed in their lifetimes. Now i always thought what recession implies on normal people - people like us, people like me. i mean as far as you are healthy enough on your professional front, you won't really feel the heat, obviously apart from the provocative thought process.

Now for me, & people like me, a few prevalent factors are

  • * Job is fine & sound. Some effort to keep it that way, if not improve the bets.
  • * Things are getting cheaper (adidas Ts literally cost just Rs. 400/- now). Go buy-buy.
  • * Expect prices to fall for things you're planning to buy. Not a Problem. Pleasant wait, as they say.
  • * Insecurity, due to copious news/rumors of layoffs in some part of the world or the other.
  • * A feeling of not spending too much, in expectancy of something unfortunate that might happen.
  • * Following RBI for it's moves (although we don't understand them in entirety).
  • * Loads of stuff for discussion. Loads of Articles by economists to read. Loads of mail-chains & forwards spreading the news - of layoffs, of salary cuts, & so-on.

Other than that, it's just fine. We smoke, we drink, we party, we Rock !!
We Indians (to be specific), don't feel the heat until the brick falls right onto our heads !!

Now, i'm a man, sitting at home, on a specific Thursday, with no idea how to pass my time, just for the fact that i'm bound to take a certain number of leaves before March 31st (so are all my colleagues) so that my company can save some money on the rolls. (i don't complain though, it's a Spectacular cost-cutting measure, without a significant toll on Employees).
PS: i shouldn't be explaining any more of that, so as to abide by work ethos

Now, that's the first Direct impact of Recession i've felt in these bad times. & i can assure all of you, there'll be more to come . We are living in bad times. Frankly speaking, i'm still not effected by the collapsing market, apart from the fact that i'm now in a similar state of mind as him...

i'm BORED dude !!

Mar 15, 2009

Oscars '09 !!

i ain't a movie buff, but the Oscar fever generates a craze 4 watchin those big-business, award-winning flicks. After all, they've been critically acclaimed, praised the world over, must-watch things. This craze like engulfed us back in the final yr of graduation, & it continues. One should form an opinion about sumthin, gud or bad, rather than just play balls-balls It's like Sachin thrashed New-Zealand & someone asks you "did u see that !!", & u utter a somber "no". You gotta buy some tongues 4 urself dude.

Slumdog Millionaire
IMDB Ratings - 8.6/10

Well well well. Anticipated. Applauded. Celebrated. Awarded. 8 Oscars is sumthin 2 b cherished really. i can't really take the glimmer away from the movie by simply sayin i didn't like it. i'm not a politician or an acknowledged man to make my statement appeal for any logical reason. i choose not to criticize.

i'm sad though at the fact that we Indians are so fucking mad that we let the world mock at us, in lieu of some prizes. now Anil Kapoor yells for those Oscars they grabbed - makes sense. Our mad nation celebrating the Oscars THEY grabbed - sounds really foolish.
For some godforsaken reason, anything that makes fun of our country hits the charts globally (another example - The White Tiger - it wasn't so mesmerizing after all)
Furthermore, we all know the movie wasn't really a commercial success atleast in the Indian market.

Now that the track Jai Ho (i don't find it worth listening to) grabbed an Oscar for the Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures Original Song. Great !! Good music by Rehman !! so great that it could make to the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart only after Pussy Cat Dolls (god i hate the name) made a little tweak (News) so that i can't bear it for more than 5 seconds now. Try it if you want to mp3

Now my mother called me up while i was still sleepin & she was thumping with joy when she narrated how the news channels announced Oscars count for that movie - endlessly increasing. i told her patiently "aap please ye movie mat dekhna, bohot gaaliyan hain".

Okay, Apology. Enough of Slumdog. i just can't contain myself when it comes 2 this movie.

IMDB Ratings - 8.1/10

Based on a true story. & the true story itself must have been so mesmerizing that the movie turned out 2 b a gud thriller in all. A balanced narration of the role by Jolie though, but the only constituents were Drama & purported depiction of emotions. Nothing really useful.

The Reader
IMDB Ratings - 7.8/10

Interesting. Kate did really deserve that black metallic lady she was bestowed with. Subtle is the word. Love is the theme. Ignorance & crime walks past by, making this flick a really good bet. I went to a book-store recently and the novel really seems 2 b enjoying gud part of the success it's curtain counterpart made. What an apt title !!

IMDB Ratings - 8.0/10

To b truthful, i couldn't get done with the movie. i left it half way through i tried hard, but couldn't pull it through. u may tag me contemporary if u want 2. i'm not against Gays or Lesbians for that matter. It was a splendid reality on part of that man, & on part of American evolution into a great nation. It was indeed worth the praise. But it's just that these kinda movies are simply unbearable. Utter slow, guys kissin each other passionately, political speeches. i couldn't. i'm sorry !!

The Dark Knight
IMDB Ratings - 9.0/10

that one needs no praise. it's unimaginable how a movie can be so great a success as to attract largest mass of all times on the first day of it's release. people were crazy over this 1. the special effect ought to be exemplary. Heath Ledger was fabulous. i've known people who opted for this movie 4-5 times.
But for the fact that i haven't seen it, neither do i plan to see it just not my kind of genre.

Revolutionary Road

IMDB Ratings - 7.8/10

that was an epic drama. there was some scintillating real life content into it. i do not intend to say that it was inspired by a true story. it's just that it was so natural, & so close no normal realistic situations that i loved it for some strange reason. the titanic pair looked good, & the plot was well built in. good narration. good acting. A little short on content though. & the Paris thing was so adorable. we all dream sumthin of that kind i guess.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
IMDB Ratings - 8.2/10

i finished this one just 15 minutes before i started writing this blog. & i'm still under a hang of it. Benjamin !! It was indeed a curious case. Man o man. Splendid. 3 Oscars (Slumdog really left no room for others). if a director is somehow adamant on making an off-the-road movie, that's exactly how it's gotta be done. if u gotta see a pure drama, that's what it's gotta b like. high on emotional content, vis-a-vis an excellent portrayal of the character by Brad Pitt. i still gotta think. & outta all the movies i've seen this year, this would be the one i'd be gladly willing to give another watch. there's more to life than a simple romance, action, special effects, or a thriller cinema.

That was Oscars. That will be all for the night.
(but i still can't get rid of Anil Kapoor's face jumping & yelling while the Winners were being announced . That would be a nightmare that'll definitely haunt me till the next Oscars)

Feb 25, 2009

Desh vs Videsh

It's been exactly 4 weeks since i've been in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, the Cleanest countries of all (i ain't sayin it 4 d sake of sayin it Proof), one of the coldest countries in d world, & farthest from home it had been by far for me.

Life keeps movin, & so do we. But the contrariety is the most startling aspect. i mean, i don't wanna compare history, geography, civics of the 2 lands (Go Google for that). what strikes me r d teeny-weeny things in which we differ, what i witness daily before my eyes, what amazes me to the extent that reminds me that i'm very far away from home. Life's really strange.

Without further wanderings, lemme get down to the subject at hand...


Here we go !!

  • Thirst

When i came onto the apartment straight from the airport, i was thirsty. searched for water, but apparently, found no drinking water as such. out-of-options, i drank water from the kitchen tap. i cudn't dare to ask any1 about this until 1 day, i saw my manager drinking from the tap in the basin used for washing mugs. it was only then i realised that there is not seperate drinking water here like in our land.

That being said, a colleague narrated to me that, when he landed here, he was made 2 stay in a hotel. now the hotel rooms don't even have a kitcken or a basin as such. there's was no water jug as well. he called up someone he knew in helsinki. he was told that the water in the bathroom tap is equally good for drinking. infact, they have glasses kept in the bathroom to be used for drinking purposes. now i feel as if i was lucky to land up in an apartment. A kitchen is better than a bathroom after all :)

It's not our fault thou. it's in our veins. it's something we've been following since birth. people may call us fools if they wish to, but we are moulded in such a stupified manner that we can't really get these things outta our minds. (i keep drifting to my left whenever walking down the road, until i realise that every1 else is to their right. now since i was in class 2, i was taught "Keep to your Left" on the road. is it my fault ?)

  • Dogs

Well, this is sumthin i found very specific in contrast. Here in finland, i often encounter people with their dogs in the buses. i was wondering what wud happen if they started barking furiously on someone inside the bus, & shit & al those fronts :) they are paid due respect (though i haven't figured out one in a Mall yet). Videshi kutte hain bhai, manners waale.

  • Pizza Taxi
this italian craze had hit every nook & corner of this earth. Poor indians deliver pizzas on their scooters/bikes (& stil they claim "30 minutes, nai to free"). Now as it's so cold in here that d 2-wheelers are barely visible anywhere on roads, Pizzas are deliverd here in cars, wholely dedicated to the job. Pizza Taxi is the brandname itself. Now that's modernization my friend.
aur 1 bechaare hum :)

  • Bus fare

We all know they r developed, & hence it's costly 4 us. You board a bus, & u pay 2.20 euros, irrespective of where you stop (within the city). my office is 2 stops away from my apartment (1.3 kms, takes 3-4 minutes), & i pay 2.20 euros for a ride. & on the weekends, i go to the market place (several kilometers, 30 minutes ride by bus), & still i have to pay 2.20 euros. earlier i used to wonder how people bear with so high a price, but now i find it rather convenient. now, back in my town, the bus fare we pay varies even between the same 2 stops :)

  • Crowd

A colleague brought onto my face the fact that after living here for a certain period of time, one feels annoyed walking on the streets, anywhere in India. Now you c, this is a land whose government is more than glad to reward people who reproduce, even if they are not permanent finnish citizens. For every child you give birth 2 in here, there a monthly allowance, which increases by roughly 50% for each child, till the child reaches the age of 5. so it's quite obvious they can't compete in the crowd count with a nation which is about to burst open with population & where children in smaller grades are taught the concept of population explosion & heavy words of that kind.

Even the main market streets here are calm, if not empty. I've never seen a bus, i repeat, NEVER, which has all the seats occupied. Yeah the transport is good & frequent, but it's amazing to realise that none here travels in a standing mode. Now i'm from the land where people hang on to the poles of the doors of buses, however frequent they r. We are just so much. No wonder india succeeds everywhere (Now we've started picking on Oscars in a gud amount as well). out of 1.2 billion fools, a few are bound 2 succeed in sum field or the other.

& Lastly,
  • The Weekends

have you ever visited a Mall/shopping store in India on weekends. you know what i mean. we, back in pune, avoid going to Big Bazaar/Vishal MegaMart on saturdays & sundays, for the single reason that there's not enuf space to keep ur feet in sight. while on d other hand (& that's quite irritating infact), all stores/malls/shops (simply everything) is CLOSED on sundays, & open for a limited time on satudays. like our govt. banks back in India. man works for long hours on weekdays, & he has just half a day for a weekend, as if namesake, because Helsinki wishes to rest for the rest of d weekend. sounds sick 2 me atleast. got used 2 it now anyways, i go 4 shopping on saturday afternoons.

someone told me that the shopkeepers have 2 pay a per hour charge on weekends, so they prefer closing for a larger extent. can't confirm it though.

So, those were a few aspects i find the current land & homeland differing, from what i encounter in day to day activities. We are same though in a lot many ways (i ain't gonna write a blog on that :)), & there r indeed a few things we have in common, in addition to love of course :)

There's still time to spend in here. There's still time to go.
i hope i'l fall in luv with this place !!
i just luv the snow when it falls right onto d face :)

Jan 13, 2009

My First Automation

A lil happy today :)

i made a script today, on my own. Since i had that amazing session with Shantanu (God bless him), i have had a strong urge to dedicate myself to Shell scripting. But then, that calls 4 takin time out of ur work responsibilities and then pull hairs when u r on it. i mean, at d first glance, sed/awk are bloody scary, aren't they?

today, finally, i thought i'd giv it a break. i got stuck at every step, pulled my locks on evry pathetic problem that arose, and finally got done with a 34 line code. Might be a cinch for geeks, but it was d very first fish i trapped.

Shell is funny u c. Sucks at times. the black screen gets in2 the back of ur head. But as Shantanu said, it is worth dedicating a life. i feel the same urge, but that needs a lil bit of time, as well as enthusiasm. Not preaching, no. It's just that i'm happy.

every new language takes time 2 b picked. i know many of them, if not a lot, so i can say that 4 sure. now i made the script for one particular account, it worked. but i wanted to give the account as a parameter, and when i did cd ~$1/((something..)) it failed, & i had no clue why. Now how would i know that tilda won't bloody work here. so i had to search for absolute path in a flexible way. to be specific, grep for the entered variable in a particular file that stores all the account details and then use awk and so on. (please pardon me for puttin in a lil technical things, if u don't get them)

The gist is that i learnt a lot. Every new error, that arose out of ignorance or a petty mistake, gave me insight into Shells, & into life. That's how life is right !!

gharwaalon ne bola, achche doston ke saath raha karo beta (way back in 6th). i defied - i know who i'm with. & i later realised i was better off him. gharwaalon ne bola dawai khaana nahin chodna (for a certain illness). i quit, & saw severe repurcussions, & i make sure i take the tablets daily now. there r a million examples that i can mention here, but that wil make u yawn right? i ain't an Obama or sumthin. This is a very simple filthy caricature that talks to u.

Poeple around u put in their efforts to guide u, with the experiences they have had. but u have 2 c 4 urself. u can read a million books on any programming language, but u won't get it until u try (except at the campus placement times. read a buk thrice, and go give the written + interview in flying colors. hehe)

Anyways, i'm gonna c more shell scripting now. Automating tasks is a part of our annual objectives as well. so that can b taken as a liability as well in a market fuelling with recession. but seems lyk, i'm lovin it !!