Jun 28, 2009

I Ain't a Male Chauvinist !!

Off late, i've been reminded at aplenty instances that i should logically be struggling for job switches, yearning for higher packages, splendid Pay-Commission tagged Govt. jobs, & even an MBA.

Reason - My gal just went to pursue her MBA. & 2 years later, when i'd be sailing with a reasonable package for an IT sectarian, she'd be out there stuffing her pockets with INR or American dollars, apparently twice as much as i would then - thanks to the prestigious IIM tag.

Just a few social Shakespeare's to quote:
Poor Me (over the phone): It'll be fine.
My mom (who is clearly aware of my marital choice) : life is not at pleasant as it seems. she'd be a postgraduate earning more than you. & you be just an engineer. Why don't you give MBA a thought ?

Poorer Me (a little drunk): It's fine with me.
College Senior (drunk 20 times over): No it's not fine. We men are all the same. It's love that blinds you now. When she has to pay for your cup of tea, it would be unbearable. So what's your plans ? If not MBA, try for some overseas opportunities to make up with her.

Frustrated Me (sipping on a cup of coffee): It's fine.
Colleague (smoking a cigarette from my pack): i know it's fine. & it should be fine if it's a love marriage. Now i'm clearly going for an arranged show, & i've directed my parently clearly that the gal should be atleast 2 years younger than me so that there always remains the desired disparity.

Wow !! i mean, wow !! i can't really believe it's the 21st century & stuff (i often get confused whether it's 20th or 21st). It's tough to believe most people couldn't still break off that sick shell of mentality that's eating away their genuineness. Anyways, i firmly believe that i'm not capable enough to change someone's mentality. Please be content with whatever your thought process is. & i'm sure i won't dwindle :)

I remember telling her once softly, "I'd still pay for all the things then, like i do today". & she replied with a sweet "Of Course". You may still call it chavinism. But that's how it goes, & i have no intentions to explain myself.

By the way, i'm multidimensional (an adjective bestowed upon me by my class teacher while speaking with my parents in a parents-teacher meeting)

1) I can cook well.
2) I can take care of kids.
3) I'll take care of groceries.
4) I will try to be home back on time & offer her a cup of tea when she's in (Managers tend to be very occupied).
5) not to mention, i'm the best tea maker in the world.

Peeping back in time, I assume i've played all shades decently enough (except the engineering part). I'm just gearing up for an another showmanship - a working housewife - or houseman - whatever !! :)